Variable Labs creates immersive Virtual Reality (VR) experiences to foster empathy, develop soft skills, and change behavior. Using interactive and cinematic technologies, we deliver personalized education and training to individuals and organizations. Our technologies and storytelling capabilities provide deep immersion, engrossing presence, and lasting benefits for users.

“The Virtual Reality content from Variable Labs is an amazing experience for audiences of all ages and we have had only positive feedback from scientists, engineers, kids, and teachers. We will continue to share the content with as many people as we can.”
— Annie Nguyen, XPRIZE



Google HR

VR Documentary SERIES

We're very excited to be working on a year-long project with Google Global HR. However, we can't talk about the details until it's officially announced. Stay tuned for more info.

United Nations VR


Variable Labs works with the United Nations VR team to plan, produce, shoot, edit, and distribute VR documentaries which transform humanitarian crises into first-person experiences. Our work to personalize stories from Syria, Nepal, The Congo, and others has significantly improved donor support and influenced policy decisions for good.

XPRIZE Foundation

Underwater vR tour

Virtual Reality can take people places they've never imagined and explain parts of the world shrouded in mystery. Variable Labs worked with XPRIZE to generate excitement for the launch of the Shell Ocean Discovery XPrize, a $7m contest to map the deep ocean. Our experiences are currently being featured at high-level conferences and forums. 

American Association of University Women

Helping women better negotiate salaries

The American Association of University Women has the leading curriculum for helping women better negotiate salaries and beneifts. Their SmartStart and WorkSmart workshops help thousands of women all over the country. Variable Labs has created a practice-based simulator in VR allowing women to improve their strategies and practice difficult conversations, helping reduce the pay disparities between women and men.


Variable Labs presents and leads workshops on VR storytelling for impact around the world. Past engagements include:

  • Unicef Innovation Team

  • Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Conference

  • Kaleidoscope VR Film Festival

  • VidCon 2016
  • Global Social Business Summit in Berlin

  • Augmented World Expo (AWE)

  • White House Innovation Fellows Hack The Pay Gap Initiative

  • Global Summit on Innovation for Children

  • Oculus Launch Pad + VR for Good

  • 360 Vision at Vivid Sydney




The Variable Labs team is comprised of award winning Virtual Reality creators, thought leaders and developers who design and deploy cinematic, interactive VR experiences.

We have a unique combination of storytelling expertise and our own cutting edge virtual reality tools. Our VR experiences have reached audiences world-wide and garnered hundreds of millions of views. Our team has also produced live-event VR executions including executive summits, screenings, and workshops.



Our headquarters: 
1721 Broadway #201
Oakland, CA 94612